Read what others are saying about Dun Deal and his babies!

(For the most part, I have kept all notes anonymous in order to preserve the privacy of our friends and customers)



I love my Dun Deal baby. He is Perrfeect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"Hey Patti, haven't seen you in about eight years ha ha...I still have my Dun Deal baby.  She's in a few of my albums,...she's still the best ever!  We ride her all over, parades, gives lessons, works cows, all around amazing horse...Hope all is well with you."



"Our Dun Deal/Pawnee Brave mare was wonderful today.  Such a smart young mare!....I walked alongside her and my husband after work today.  The two of them are doing great together.  I am so pleased." 



"Hello, I've been viewing your web site and wanted to say that I'm very impressed with the horses and foals that you breed, raise and train.  It looks like a lifetime of love and hard work must have gone into your business.  Your mares, stallions, and foals are gorgeous!  May favorite foal you have currently offered for sale is (a Dun Deal colt).  I love his coloring and his movement.  The only thing is since he's a homozygous stallion prospect, he probably would have to be sold to a certain type of buyer that could campaign him.  I've mostly only had mares and geldings, but I've raised and trained a few.  I'm interested in an all around prospect.  I like english, western, dressage, natural horsemanship, and trail riding.  Thank you. 



Hi There,
Here are some photo's of my Dun Deal gelding.....He is obviously Grulla and is 16 hands tall.  I have shown him just at local schooling shows a few times.  We ride on the trail extensively.  I can ride out 18 miles from my property and live in the foothills of the Sierra's.  I have taken him camping all over from the ocean to the mountains.  I start alot of babies and pony them off of him.  He has the best disposition and is very athletic, I ride him english too.  I take him for upwards of 25 mile rides and haven't heard of the trail program, I will look that up, thanks for the reference.  He is honestly world class quality for a show horse, he has the most fabulous gaits, keeps his head down naturally and has been such a joy to own and train.  I open gates off of him and have yet to find anything he can't or won't do.  Dun Deal would be great for anyone to breed to, he really throws himself on most of his babies and when your breeding for color homozygous is the only way to go!  Take care, thanks for owning such a gorgeous, conformationally correct stallion. 



"I'm telling ya Patti this (2 year old Dun Deal gelding) is going to be yet another testament to your breeding program.  I knew we could make walk/jog classes this year but forget that stuff.  He has a 10 lope and was so relaxed I didn't forget to breathe." 

"It's so hard not to get overly excited about (my Dun Deal gelding).  I like everything I feel and see.  He's maturing (physically and mentally) so wonderfully and if it's possible more beautiful than even his mama." 



"Hello! Greetings from Canada, Vancouver Island, British Columbia!   Here is a photo taken in August 2007 of one of the foals by Dun Deal.  I have recently purchased this gelding and I absolutely love him, wonderful personality, all around kind horse, willing to do anything and very willing and obedient, trained fairly well, definitely show horse quality!  I am not sure if anyone has emailed you as to what he looks like recently, and I did find a foal photo of him trotting down a driveway posted on your site.  Thank you Dun Deal.  What a wonderful quality bred horse, Dun Deal has produced a beauty.  My gelding in this photo has lightened up somewhat and is fairly lighter, even now almost a "peach" dun.  I will send some photos of rear and other side just to look at, if no one has sent you any photos of him since he was a foal,  I just thought you should see this and be proud of Dun Deal.
 Thank you! Enjoy!"



"Howdy!  I just wanted to thank you for standing this guy.  I bought a gelding in March by Dun Deal.  He was 2 in April and stands at 15.1.  I was amazed when I pulled up your web site and saw Dun Deal's picture.  (My gelding) looks so much like him.  We have been doing alot of ground work with him this year.  We have been ponying him saddled when we went out riding but took him out on the trail along the American River last Sunday with a saddle and rider and he did great.  He is a very self-assured and quiet gelding.  What a pleasure to own him."



"Patti,  I hope this makes it , (My Dun Deal filly) won champion longe line, and tied for reserve champion 5 and under halter we ended up with 3rd after tie breaker by 1pt.  This is all CSHA region 4...year-end awards.  Still love her and still is great and easy to deal [no pun] with.  Happy New Year."



"Nothing like clipping your horse while sitting underneath - don't recommend it - thank you Patti for raising such good babies!"



"Hi Patti, I took some time to check out your web site again - what great horses and what a great job you're doing with them...especially liked the videos of (the filly - Dun Deal X Pawnee Brave mare) very very nice!!  Love the obstacle course - I need to quit being lazy and make one of those for my place too!!  What fun."



"Hi, I have one of Dun Deal's fillies from 2000.  I thought you might like to see her.  She had her first baby in 2004, a filly, Dun Deal's grandchild.  Thank you."



"Hi, I own a full brother to Dun Deal.  He is my pride and joy.  I would like to know all about Dun Deal!  (My gelding) is currently 3 years old and has shown spectacular intelligence and behavior for his age.  I broke him myself when he was two and he acted like an already broke horse.  I would like to hear about Dun Deal's temperament and if he is the same way."



"Hi Patti,   Here are some new pictures of (our Dun Deal colt).  He sure is looking good.

Well, just wanted to share these with you.  Take care and I'll talk with you later."



"Hi Patti,  You would be so proud of (my Dun Deal gelding).  He is doing really well.  And he is so big!  He loves to jump over the jumps we have set up in the arena!  He just jumps them all by himself and he looks really pretty doing it too!  Hope to see you soon."



"hi patti!!! 

 (My Dun Deal gelding) is doing good, i've been working on him with barrels more and he gets better everyday!!"



"Patti, I have raised a lot of horses and this Dun Deal colt is one of the best.  Definite stallion quality."   



"Hi Patti,  (My Dun Deal filly) is proving to be a really brave and confident girl.  We taught her to load and back out of the trailer in less than 1/2 an hour.  She handled it like a pro...I plan on getting her ready for longe line.  Talk to you later."




"Patti, long time no write. I wanted to let you know how wonderful my babes are doing. I just finally weaned (my Dun Deal filly) last week, ....  she's gonna be beautiful. I think her color changed to dark red, I don't know, hard to tell. But, I will get new pictures of her soon."





"Dear Patti; 
We want to thank you for inviting us to your beautiful ranch, we enjoyed it very much.  We hope that you have had an opportunity to check out our beautiful (mare) on the video we left you.  We are looking at the possibility of breeding her in May, we will know better in the next month or so.  As soon as we have finalized our plans we will be in touch with you.  Dun Deal is a beautiful horse and we look forward to seeing the even more beautiful foals the two will produce.  Once again thank you for your hospitality." 



" Patti, 
      I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for spending so much time with us today. We really were in awe of all your beautiful horses. Your stallions are great."



"Hi Patti- thanks for taking the time to show me your ranch and horses on Saturday. I really like Dun Deal and was quite impressed with the facility."



"Hi Patti,
Here are some more pictures of the little guy. He is very active and friendly. What a cutey. I'll send more pics and let you know his name as soon as we give him one. Say "hi" to all. And thank Dun Deal for us."

"Hi Patti, Here are some new pics from two days ago.  He is just terrific. Excellent temperament and easy to handle etc. Of course, what else could we expect from a wonderful stallion and the best Mom? I'll send more pics as I get them. Talk to you soon"

"Hi Patti,
Thought that I should give you an update.  All is well here.  (Our Dun Deal gelding) is just terrific.  I ponied him for the first time a few days ago, and he cruised right along just like he knew what to do.  He has a really nice temperament and his conformation is wonderful.  I will send new pictures soon.  ...thanks to your terrific stallions and professional breeding program... .  We just love him.  He seems so level headed and smart.  He is loads of fun.  Anyway, that's the news.  I will continue to keep in touch and send updates and photos.  As usual, say "Hi" to Mom and Dad.  And keep in touch, Okay?"






"Good Morning Patti,

You and Dun Deal have done a great job so far Ė so I am sticking with the program.  It didnít go unnoticed that when you called me last Wednesday you had already given her a dose of Regumate.  I have no doubts that she has had it every day since then.  You absolutely know what you are doing and you donít cut corners or take any chances and I really appreciate that.  I have been around the block a few times and I am sure you are aware that there are many people in the horse industry who either donít have the knowledge or have it but are too lazy to follow through or are in it just for the money and donít even like horses.  So Ė I compliment you on your professionalism and thank you for being diligent.

Talk to you soon"






"Hey there,

Congratulations Palmer Ranch!!!!!!!  Three Cheers for Dun Deal.

A homozygous dun filly Ė isnít that the cats meow.  She is really cute.  I bet you were excited when you saw that one.  Have you named her yet?

And those 2 last Dun Deal colts are terrific looking.  You have had some nice babyís, the boys have done a great job this year.  Just makes me more anxious to see mine, I can hardly wait.  (My mare) is doing great.  She is starting to get a little pot belly on her.  She has big babies and usually gets enormous.

Keep in touch."






"Hello Palmer Ranch, 

Our new baby is doing great.  Please give ďDun DealĒ a great big hug from (us).  Sorry I didnít get pictures to you sooner but we donít have a digital camera so I needed to get a disposable one and have the pictures developed.  The ones that I have attached for you are (our Dun Deal filly) when she was 3 and 4 days old.  I think that you can see that she is as cute as cute can be.  The pictures do not do her color justice because you canít really see that she has a very predominant stripe and her ears are tipped and her mane and tail are dark. 

....We are going to call her ďSerenaĒ because she has been so quiet and serene.  She plays hard and is very athletic.  She has been doing roll backs off the fence and she can plant a back foot and pivot 180 degrees in the blink of an eye.  She also has a very pretty soft lope. 

She also has great conformation.  She is perfectly straight in both the front legs and back legs.  She is wide in the chest as you can see and her inside muscle ties is really deep so she will have a great V in front.  Her hip is better than her mothers because it has a better roll behind the tail.  And she has a deep girth and is very short coupled. 

I will keep in touch.  Thanks for everything." 






"...I wanted to say thank you for letting me come out on Saturday and meet you and the horses, I really enjoyed the visit and you are very nice and I love your horses."





"Hey, how's it going?  Things are going pretty good here, hope you guys are doing well also.  I've been thinking a lot about (the Dun Deal colt).   Everything from how well he'll match my other yearling to all the fun things I can do with him.  I know he is a really good quality colt and you guys have put a lot of time into your breeding program and that sort of time and effort doesn't come cheap.  I look forward to hearing from you, take good care of my boy for me ."






It was nice meeting with you on Sunday.  Thanks for taking the time to show us around.  Your place is beautiful.  All the horses and babies are beautiful as well." 






Good morning..  Just wanted to let you know that everything is going well.  (Our Dun Deal colt) is doing really good.  (My sister) led him all around and had him out in the round pen.  He adjusts to things really quickly.  He made friends with one of our geldings... through the fence...    Thanks again for everything.."

"Hi Patti,
How are you doing?  Been busy around here.  (My sister) had (her Dun Deal colt) gelded two weeks ago.  He is doing really well.  She goes running a lot, so she has been taking him with her through the hills on the fire trail... He is a good boy.
When we get it together we will send you some pictures.
Hope all is well.
Take Care..."

"I wanted to tell you that (our Dun Deal gelding) went camping with us too.   (My sister) ponied him off of one of our Mules.  They went in the water, (he) wasn't loving it but he got use to it.  He is a really good horse and has a great mind..."



I bought one of Dun Deal's foals last year.  (She) is very pretty and very sweet, she's going to be 2 years old in april and she is 15'2 hands already."



"Hi Patti, 
(My mare) is a new mommy. We had a big baby boy, and absolutely beautiful colt! His color is outstanding. I am so happy! I will send you pictures later today."



"hi patti
these are pictures of (our new Dun Deal )baby, he was born at 12:45 sunday the 25 of march, he looks a lot like his big brother (my other Dun Deal colt), who by the way is still perfect, the new boy has no name yet....he's as friendly as can be and is beautiful, he is also huge, he'll wind up being as big as (my other Dun Deal colt) maybe there's a driving team in the future that's all for now send more later"



"(My mare) had the little one on Saturday night or early Sunday morning around 12:30 or 1.  It is a beautiful baby boy, he is a buckskin dun.  The vet said his disposition is super, everything is AOK.  He will probably be a big boy like his mother.   Hope all is well with your new babies and everything else.  by for now"   



"...One day (my Dun Deal gelding) might even be a nice little dressage horse...he's still fairly green but I'll work on that...but I think he's suited to be a reiner or something like that...boy is he ATHLETIC...that is why I got him as I wanted to try something new and different:O) :O) 

Thanks again!"



"Hello there, 
My name is () and I am the lucky owner of a Red Dun Tobiano Mare (by Dun Deal).  I thought it would be courteous of me to let you know how she is doing.  She is awesome, I love this horse!  She is about 1200lbs, grew to be 16hh, bigger than her sire, and loving what she does.  I've been on the equestrian team for my high school for 4 years and have been showing (my Dun Deal mare) in the IEL Shows for 2 years.  She places in all the flats and at least one hunter at every show, and is now jumping 3' 0".  Trail rides and eating are her other favorite pastimes.  Her nickname at shows is "Stunning" because, well, that's all the other riders and onlookers can say about her.  Who knew such a big girl could jump so well. 
Thank you for your time"



"I just saw the new pictures of the black and white stud colt you have by Dun Deal, the 2yo I think he is.....he has turned out VERY nice!!!  You have done an awesome job with him!"





"Hi Patti,
Our Dun Deal gelding is doing fine.  He saw his first cow yesterday!  He wasn't sure about it but didn't spook.  He went for a walk on the street and did very well!  I think he's a keeper :) 
Did you ever see (our Dun Deal gelding) flap his lips in the wind?  He was doing that yesterday and we were laughing so hard.  I think he knew we were laughing at him! 
He's experiencing his first Utah snowfall today....  Yesterday it was in the 60's!!   
Thanks for everything,"


"Hi Patti, 
Our Dun Deal gelding went for his first trail ride this weekend.  He was all saddled up and soooo cute!  I led him while I rode my horse. He went up hills, down hills, over curbs and crossed the street without a problem!  He saw big tractors digging in the dirt too.  He was very attentive when he saw the mini donkeys!!  They were making their famous noises!  Not sure what he thought!
I think he's adapting just fine!!  I'll send some pictures soon,"




"Hi Patti, 
Greetings from Texas.  I wanted to send you some updated photos of our Dun Deal gelding.  As you can see, he has really grown.  He is by far my best horse.  Anyone from 8 - 80 can ride him.  He is a great babysitter.  He still has a hole here and there, but all in all I can't complain.  He goes down the trail, goes to cattle and is just as calm as can be.  You can let him stand for two days or two months and he just rides off like you rode him everyday.  He is big and stout.  He probably stands 15.2 and weighs 1200lbs.  You can't beat him.  Although I don't try real hard to sell him, anyone with 10K can have him.  What a pleasure prospect he would make.  He is still good enough to halter.
Better close for now. 
Take Care and drop a line."





"Yes I love him.  I was hoping for a filly since this was Mama's last foal, but I have a healthy baby and mama so who can ask for more.  He has lots of personality.  My daughter and her friends slept in the barn on the weekends so they could see him born, it is an experience they will never forget.  Mama was really good about them being there and playing with him so young.  He definitely had his imprinting.  He will always be so special to the kids, they took pictures to school with them today and I am sure they will be out there when they get home.  My daughter wants to halter show him next year, she has big plans for my baby.  I will send you better pictures soon.  He is perfect.  Thank you so much."






" Hello!
My name is (). I purchased (a Dun Deal gelding) from () almost 2 months ago. I must say I have never met a horse with such a personality. I bought him about 2 months after we lost our old quarter pony this year. He has become a member of my family and everyone fondly calls him JJ. He is beautiful, strong, energetic and very much his own horse. He loves to play and he brings out the colt in my 28 year old quarter horse. I want to thank you for bringing such an amazing animal into this world.  I am in the process of registering myself in the APHA and sending in his papers to have him under my name. I would love to send you some of his most recent pictures if you would like to see them."


"Hi! My little sister just showed me the updated website!!! I would love to send you some pictures of (my Dun Deal gelding) as he is now! He's gotten so big!! He's a bit messy as he loves to roll in our arena and with the rain it made it oh so more desirable haha! I must say I could not have asked for a better little gelding!"





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