Read what others are saying about Pawnee Brave and his babies!

(For the most part, I have kept all notes anonymous in order to preserve the privacy of our friends and customers)



"Patti, your horses are absolutely beautiful!"



"I just wanted to let you and your parents know how much I am loving (my Pawnee Brave gelding).  He is the gentlest little soul and at the same time very willing to go anywhere on the trails.  We go on the suspension bridge at Griffith Park (and it really swings) through the dark tunnels that go under the freeway and everywhere that you can imagine.  Here is a photo from 2 weeks ago......I hope that you are all doing well, and again, I can never thank you enough for such a gift as (my Pawnee Brave gelding).  He is a delight."      



"Hi Patti,

Enclosed are some photos of (my mare's) Pawnee Brave foal (age 3 months).  She is very easy to work with and extremely smart.  Her personality is very kind.  We think she is beautiful!!!

Hope all is well at the Palmer Ranch."



"Hi Patti, hope all is well with you and your folks - I check your site often - you still have the prettiest paints in the state!" 



"Wow I can't believe that is your Pawnee Brave mare!  She grew up really beautiful.  And look at the way she moves!  That mare really is beautiful!"



"Our Pawnee Brave gelding is starting training.  He is a really nice mover, great mind, and did I mention Gorgeous!  Right now we are thinking Dressage?  Hope all is well!"



"Your Pawnee Brave mare is gorgeous and so is your other mare...wish they were geldings :) Im a gelding person and your horses are my dream:) both for color and for potential and disposition. Thanks for being so great at what you do.........breed exceptional horses."



" Hi Patti,
My Pawnee Brave gelding looks just gorgeous and when I left the ranch he was having a great time with (our Dun Deal gelding) out in the pasture with a steer and the little dwarf calf. () gave him a bath before I got there (we are all fighting over him already!)  I can't thank you all enough. This Pawnee truly does rock !"



"Hi Patti,  Just wanted to give you an update on my Pawnee Brave colt.  He is the most beautiful mover!  He just floats at the lope!  I am so happy.  Thank you again."



"Hi Patti, Judged a show in () last month and saw the mare with the necklace.  She was pretty cute with her new owner!!!"



"Hi Patti,  My baby (well he isn't a baby anymore) is just great.  I'm finally putting him in full training.  ... I have tons of pictures, but they are still in my camera and I have no scanner, so just letting you know that he is just the most beautiful thing on 4 legs.  I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  talk later"           



"Hi Patti!  The show went good.  (My Pawnee Brave filly) was very good in the new surroundings.  She got a 1st, a 2nd and 2 3rd place.  She was showing against older more seasoned horses, but for her first outing - I'd say it was a success.  We ordered some pictures for you - as soon as I get them I will forward them to you for your website. She looks amazing.  Thank you for all of your help!  I am so excited to show her - she is really beautiful and going so nicely." 






"Hi Patti, 

I was judging a show yesterday out in ().  (A Pawnee Brave gelding) was there with a little girl.  What a nice horse for her.  She was all over his back and he just did his job."






"Hi Patti,  I think that my trainer has talked to you recently about how well (our Pawnee Brave filly) is doing. I couldn't be happier with her progress. She is kind, graceful and has a good mind. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is! I will have a show picture for you soon from a futurity in Industry.   I look forward to sending you lots of winning pictures and hope you can come see her show some day! Take care and I hope to talk to you soon."






"Hi Patti, I wanted to email you to let you know that we took (our Pawnee Brave colt) to a PAC show at Orange Park Acres this last Sunday and he took 2nd out of 10 horses in the Halter "Color" class.  Wow!!!!!!!"






"The horse you sold my friend is so pretty, she is lucky to have one of your awesome horses."






"Hi Patti,  Sorry it has been so long since I got in touch but our girl keeps us busy.  Lovin' every minute of it, she is the paint ever, excels in everything she does!"






"Hi Patti, I don't know if you remember me, but I am () friend, I came out with her to your ranch the first time she came out.  I have been watching your progress with (your Pawnee Brave mare) and she is sure looking beautiful...."






"Hi Patti,   Here are some updated pictures of (my Pawnee Brave filly) for your website. She gets bigger and more beautiful everyday. Hope all is well.  Talk to you soon."






"Hi Patti and Mr. Palmer, I just wanted to let you know that (my Pawnee Brave colt) was an absolute angel all the way home!  He stood perfectly still and straight (with great balance) all the way.  I gave him water half way through and he just wanted to play in it, hahaha.  I want to thank you both for allowing me to purchase this very nice stallion.  I know you are proud of him and you have every reason to be.  He is everything I could have ever wanted.  Thanks again..."






"To Patti & Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to own such a wonderful colt!!!"





"Hi Aunt Patti, It's me Bijou!!! Mom took these pics of me today. Aren't I cute??? I think I am. I am VERY well loved here. I turned four months old on the 16th. No carrot cake, but I did get lots of kisses. Say "Hi" to Pop for me. Hope all is good with you!!! Bijou."



"Hi Patti,  Here are some pictures of (my Pawnee Brave filly). I just love her and have high expectations. I may decide to show her at a few halter shows- At any rate, with the way she moves she will definitely be a barrel and gymkhana horse!"



" Dear Patti,  Our Pawnee Brave girls are doing great!  They are so sweet and gentle.  I'm sure we will have them forever.  Take care."  






It was great spending some time with you this evening.  We do have alot of knowledge and experiences to share.  Thank you so much for accommodating my friend.  She is breeding only for color and for a pet but I think she will be very pleased with Izzy's talent and disposition also."




"Dear Patti,  (My Pawnee Brave gelding) is awesome!  He is 15.1 hands plus some and getting wide!  He is such a sweet and quiet guy!  I have been driving him a little and he is very tolerant.  I bought him a training saddle and he loves it!  When he's grown, I'll get him something really pretty.  I hope all is well at the Palmer Resort for horses.  Hope to see you at some shows.  Happy Trails."



"Hi Patti,
Things look good for my mare.  Thank you for all of the extra work.
Hope all is well with you, your folks and all the equines.

Thank you again"




"Hi Patti!

Happy New Year !
My mare is doing just great. She is 7 months along now, and I am only riding her bareback. I absolutely cannot wait until May when she foals. I have been looking online for Indian tribe names, etc to give me some ideas for when our colt/filly arrives. Anyway, she has had a terrific pregnancy and she's in great shape. I'm SO glad that I found the Palmer Ranch !
I will keep you up to date on our progress.
Thanks again"



"Hey Patti, Hope all is well. Took (my mare) over for her 30 day check yesterday. All is well, saw the baby and the little heart beating so exciting!"



"hi patti!!!  Thank you so.... much for everything today!!! tell your parents I said thank you again too! your babies are so... cute (My friend) won't stop talking about (that Pawnee Brave colt)!  we both had so much fun! 

   thank you again"



"...just a quick update.....please tell Frank that (my Pawnee Brave filly) is doing fantastic on her first day away from home. She is very trusting of us, and handling her big change very well. She is eating well! I will write more tomorrow...just wanted to share that all is well and she is loved so much already! She is my dream come true!!!!...."

"....Hi there....we are ENJOYING our (Pawnee Brave filly) so much! She is so easy....sweet and kind. She had her fly mask on yesterday, and has been getting to know her "herd". She is out with 2 of my mini's, they are all getting along great. She has some company to hang around with, which I think is important. Anyways...she is so neat. She just doesn't spook at anything. She is in a "new" environment....a working farm....there is lots to see...

I love her so much already, and so does my hubby and his dad too. They always talk to her! I am going to give us a couple of weeks, and then I am going to haul her out to my friends place...might even show her in halter! I want her to be confident in me, before we venture out.( I am already confident in her!) to you soon with our next update.....WE JUST LOVE HER SO...!!!! THANK YOU...thank all of you!!!"

"This weekend, I am hooking our trailer up and just letting (our Pawnee Brave filly) eat in there a bit....a reward for her long trip home in there. I will take some better pics.....I have a foal show halter.....wont that be a pretty pic. And yes....she needs to be shown in halter....she is so fine! Ok...hope all is well ....I am very pleased with our (Pawnee Brave filly)....again...thanks to you and your breeding program 2 u soon...."

"all is well and (our Pawnee Brave filly) is thriving. She gets shots Thurs....and my shoer just loves how straight she is! I have been working with her on picking her feet up ( not that she doesn't know how to already!), and standing for halter, then trotting off!. She's so easy....acts likes she's been there done that. We have been going on walks to the river...about 1/4 mile away...she is just a well mannered young lady all the way! She will be ready to go to a little schooling show soon. I LOVE her SO MUCH Patti !"


"Hi Patti... I looked at your website and you have some gorgeous babies!"



"Good morning,

(Our Pawnee Brave gelding) is doing great!

Thank you so much for choosing us to give (him) a new home.  My husband is very excited having him and is looking forward to getting on him.  Depending on how he is doing, we may haul him over to (the equestrian center) at the end of the month for his first outing."


"Just wanted to let you know (our Pawnee Brave gelding) is doing great.  He is like a big old puppy dog now.  We’ve been driving him and he is so soft and supple.  He is already bending and backing with very little contact.  We have actually gotten on him 2 times now.  He’s fantastic.  Hope all is well with you and “all” of yours.  Have a good day."

"We get so many compliments on him.  I can’t wait to start showing him.  My husband keeps telling me, we aren’t going to rush him, which is fine I say, “ as long as he’s ready for the November buckle show”. : ) Just kidding… although he may be quiet enough to have him going pretty good by then (at least walk – jog).  You never know.  Have a good day"

"Good Morning  All is well.  We took (our Pawnee Brave gelding) for another outing to (A Horse Show) with (our other horse).  He minded his manners once again.  My husband has commented he would buy babies all day long from you.  We are pleasantly surprised with each and everything we do with him.  Very sensible, ties nicely, and clips good (a little shy with the bridle path) but he’ll be over that in no time.  We can not stress enough how well broke your babies are and we would  definitely recommend your babies anytime.  Have a good day."



"Hello Patti- 

We made it safe and sound without incident. (My new mare) hauled like a dream and I never felt her move in the trailer; she has been a perfect lady. Your place is very beautiful and it's obvious that you love and take pride in your horses. I am looking forward to looking through the book that you so thoughtfully put together about (my new mare). She is even more beautiful than I had originally thought, and I promise to take excellent care of her and send you pictures and updates. Thank-you again so much for trusting me with your special mare. I will talk to you soon."                                                 


"Just wondering what was up.  The kids love the hats.  Your kindness is so wonderful.  It will be sad for me when all is done and we don't get the pleasure of your hospitality any more."



"Tell your stallions thank you for a good job!"



myself (carolyn) and my daughter (kelly) have brought pawnee express (ziggy) from deanna and darsey from tripledfarms our stud THE CROWN EMPIRE STUD in the uk are very please to have ziggy joining us here, where he will live for the rest of his life, knowing that you bred our ziggy we thought you would like to keep in touch with all pawnee braves offspring please, feel free to drop us a line anytime".

"Ziggy now knows english riding and i want to get him back to western pleasure.....Ziggy says thank you for the hugs and kisses and say hi to my dad and mum and that i love england as it's got lots of lovely fav thing is FOOD! & my feed times."



"Hi Patti,
It sounds like the girls really like your guy!
Thanks for taking such good care of our kids!
Talk to you soon."



"Am really impressed with Izzy and with his off-spring.  Thank you"



"Hi Patti,

We are so happy to hear from you!  I wanted to email many times to see how (our Pawnee Brave filly) is doing - but I didn't want to be a bother!  We are so happy, we constantly are thinking about her and making so many plans.  I think she'd be a great match for us and we'd be a great match for her.  I know she'll be our forever horse!  We are packing like crazy and are going to move over the weekend.  I can't wait until we can bring (our Pawnee Brave filly) home. 

I hope all is well with you.  We really enjoyed visiting your ranch.  It is so beautiful, I love seeing (our Pawnee Brave filly's) family and where she was born.  Speaking of her being born, if you have any baby photos I'd love to have a copy of them.  I'm a huge photo person!  You and your family's love really shows in your ranch and the horses you have.  What a wonderful environment for them to live and grow in.  Talk soon!"



"Hi Patti,  My Pawnee Brave filly is huge!  I hate to BRAG!!!!  But I truly could not ask for a more beautiful filly!  Her legs are so long and straight.  She has a very smooth gait and a great personality.   
Thanks again!  Hi to Izzy for us." 





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