Pawnee Brave, True Black Homozygous Tobiano Stallion, Sire of Western Paint World Reserve Champion Hunter Under Saddle, Sire of APHA ROM Trail, Sire of APHA point earners in Longe Line, Showmanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, and Trail. Sire of Multiple Futurity Money Earners in Halter and Performance. 100% Color Sire. Thank you for visiting.... please come again!

Pawnee Brave 
(aka: "Izzy")


1996 APHA/PtHA Homozygous Black Homozygous Tobiano Stallion
15.2 hands, 1100 lbs

HYPP N/N    OLWS N/N    Herda N/N    GBED N/N    PSSM1 N/N    MH N/N




Video taken July 2012


Superior siring ability

for versatile, good minded, pretty, and pretty moving

tobiano paint/pinto horses


Sire of APHA Western Paint World Reserve Champion

Breeders Challenge 2 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle.


Sire of APHA World Championship Show Top Ten

 Junior Working Hunter.


 Sire of APHA World Championship Show Top Ten Junior Hunter Hack.


Sire of APHA World Championship Show Finalist

Junior Trail.


Sire of APHA Register of Merit (ROM) Trail.


Sire of APHA Multiple Reserve Grand Champion Halter.


Sire of APHA PAC Certificate of Recognition Halter.


Sire of APHA Point Earners

in Halter (Open),

Color Class (Open),

Longe Line (Open),

Showmanship at Halter (NoviceYouth and NoviceAmateur),

Hunt Seat Equitation (NoviceYouth and NoviceAmateur),

Preliminary (Green) Working Hunter (Open),

Hunter Hack (Open),

Hunter Under Saddle (NoviceYouth and Open)

Trail (NoviceAmateur and Open),

Western Horsemanship (NoviceYouth), and

Western Pleasure (NoviceYouth, Open).


Sire of APHA PAC Credit Earners

in Halter,

Color Halter,




English Pleasure,

Over Fences, and

Western Pleasure.


Sire of

100 Hours APHA Ride America


Sire of Temecula Valley Paint Horse Club (TMVPHC)

Year-end Champions and Reserve Champions

in Halter,

Showmanship at Halter,

and Trail.


Sire of Temecula Valley Paint Horse Club

Resv Champion High Point ALL AROUND 13 & Under.


Sire of Futurity Money Earners

in Halter,

Longe Line,

Hunter Under Saddle,

and Western Pleasure.


Sire of PtHA Grand Champions and Reserve Grand Champions

in Halter (Hunter and Stock Type).


Sire of PtHA Year-end Champions

in Halter,

Color Halter,

Longe Line,

Western Pleasure Youth, and

English Pleasure Youth (Resv Champion).


Sire of PtHA

High Point Western Horse,

Tonto Badger Pertetual Trophy.


Sire of PtHA Point Earners

in Halter,

 Tobiano Color,

Longe Line,

Western Showmanship,

English Equitation,

English Pleasure,

Western Pleasure,


Disciplined Rail Western,

and Ideal Pinto Western.


Sire of

APHA CHAMPION producing mare,

APHA point (halter & performance) producing mare,

APHA PAC credit (halter & performance) producing mares,

PtHA point (tobiano color halter) producing mare.


Sire of ETI National Horse Show

Resv High Point ALL AROUND 13 and under,

and Generations Class.


Sire of ETI Silver Buckle Series

Series High Point and Buckle Winner.


Sire of Multiple Buckle Winners and Daily and Year-end Circuit Champions and Resv Champions

in ALL AROUND Walk/Jog.


Sire of CPHA

Year-end Reserve Champion Showmanship.


Sire of Multiple Open Show

Year-end Champion Halter,

Year-end Resv Champion Performance Halter,

Year-end Resv Champion Yearling In Hand Trail,

Year-end Champion Walk/Trot English Horse

Year-end Champion English Pleasure,

Year-end Champion Walk/Jog Western Horse,

Year-end Resv Champion Western Pleasure, and

Year-end Champion Western Pleasure.


Sire of Buckle and Jackpot Winners

in Team Penning,

and Gymkhana.


Also Sire of Open Show Competitors and Class Winners in


Color Halter,

Showmanship at Halter,

In Hand Trail,

Longe Line,


Western Pleasure,



Trail Challenge,

Hunter Under Saddle,



Western Dressage,




Ranch Sorting,

...and the list goes on!


Sire of "movie stars" in several movies, music videos, photo shoots, and advertisements.


Sire of Therapy Horses for PTSD and Assisted Living.


Pawnee Brave is also proving himself as a broodmare sire!

Sire of

APHA CHAMPION producing mare,

APHA point (halter & performance) producing mare,

APHA PAC credit (halter & performance) producing mares,

PtHA point (tobiano color halter) producing mare.


Future Sire of many more

Friends and Champions!!!



by Lee Locke, 2002.  6 years old.


Photo by Lee Locke, 1999.  3 years old.



by Photopony 2012.  16 years young.

Pawnee Brave is a 1996 APHA/PtHA true black tobiano stallion.  He is Homozygous for the tobiano pattern and is also homozygous for the black factor gene. 

Pawnee Brave traces back to many of the Foundation LEGEND Greats!  Going back from 6 to 9 generations, he traces back to Poco Bueno, Sugar Bars, Plaudit, Texas Dandy, My Texas Dandy, Ed Echols (at least twice), Joe Hancock (twice), Peter McCue (4 times), King (5 times), Cowboy P-12 (5 times), Leo (5 times), Three Bars (7 times), Skipper W (9 times), and Joe Reed P-3 (11 times)!!!  I even saw Man O War on his pedigree 3 times!  (Numbers are unofficial but you get the idea....)


Also Pawnee Brave has some impressive more recent Leading Sire Bloodlines!  Going back only 4 or 5 generations, he traces back to APHA Leading Sires Mr Robin Boy, Painted Robin Jr., Dixie's War Drum, Obsesed To Impress, and AQHA Leading Sire Impressive, BUT he is HYPP N/ fact he is N/N for the entire 5 disease panel! 

Pawnee Brave has Superior siring ability for good minded, pretty, and athletic tobiano paint horses.  This well-bred stallion is definitely passing on his great disposition, conformation, and ability to his babies.  The fact that he is also passing on his tobiano pattern and black factor gene is just a bonus!

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Impressive, AQHA

World Champion Halter,

Sire of World Champion Halter Horses,

#4 AQHA All Time Leading Sire by # of registered progeny, 2250 registered foals with total points earned 24,602.5,

#9 All Time Leading Sire of Halter ROM Qualifiers,

#10 All Time Leading Sire of Performance ROM Qualifiers,

#13 All Time Leading Sire of AQHA CHAMPIONS, (HYPP N/H).


Skip By Impress, AQHA
AQHA ROM Halter,

17X Grand Champion Halter,

AQHA World Champion Halter, (HYPP N/H).


Skipped Town, AQHA

Producer of AQHA World Champion Halter.

Linebred Skipper W, AQHA

AQHA Hall of Fame.


Obsesed To Impress, APHA
World Champion Halter,
3x Reserve World Champion Halter,

400+ Times Grand Champion Halter,

Leading Sire of Halter Horses, (HYPP N/H).


Painted Robin Jr, APHA

APHA CHAMPION, Superior Halter, ROM Western Pleasure, Pts in Heading, Heeling, & Hunter Under Saddle.

Our Annie Robin, APHA

APHA Leading Dam,

Inbred Painted Robin Jr, APHA.

APHA Leading Sire


Partee Anita, APHA

by Mr Robin Boy, APHA,


APHA Leading Sire.

Skip N To The Drum, APHA HYPP N/N- The HYPP Disease stops here.  He did not inherit it from his sire.
CA State Halter Champion,
ROM Halter.

Sire of APHA Superior in Halter & Heading, ROM in Halter (Multiple), Barrel Racing, Heading, Heeling, Stake Race, Steer Stopping, &Trail, APHA point earners in Western Riding, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Horsemanship, Showmanship at Halter, & Western Pleasure.



Billy Bud, APHA

Dixie's War Drum, APHA

Grand Champion Halter,

ROM Western Pleasure,

Points in Halter, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Hack, Heeling, Trail, & Western Riding,

APHA Leading Sire of All Around Performance Horses.

  Dixie's Doll, APHA
Dixie Valentine, APHA
Reserve National Champion Trail,
Open Superiors in Trail & Western Pleasure, Amateur Superior Trail, Amateur ROM Hunter Under Saddle, Western Horsemanship, & Western Pleasure


Eternal Trouble, AQHA

AQHA Grand Champion Halter.

by Eternal Sun, AQHA


AQHA ROM Halter,


Sire of ROM Race, Multiple (17)ROM Show, NRHA Futurity Champion.

Eternals Mistress, APHA

French Perfume, APHA

APHA pts in Halter.

by Do Do Chick, AQHA

AQHA Superior Halter,

Resv World Champion Halter,

43X Grand Champion Halter,

Leading Sire of Halter Horses.



Leo Gann, AQHA

by Leo, AQHA

AQHA Hall of Fame,

AQHA Hall of Fame Sire

  Leo C Inman, AQHA
AAA ROM in Racing,

3 New Track Records,

Stakes Winner,

AQHA Resv Grand Champion Halter.


Barnes Babe, AQHA

Linebred Cowboy P-12

100% Foundation

Sire of Multiple ROM Race,

Sire of Multiple ROM Producing Daughters.

High Sierra, APHA
APHA Superior in Racing

Sire of APHA ROM in Racing, APHA open  pts earner in Heading, Heeling, Tie-Down Roping, and Amateur pts earner in Heeling, Tie-Down Roping, & Breakaway Roping.

Linebred Leo, AQHA

AQHA Hall of Fame,

AQHA Hall of Fame Sire


Cherokee Boogie, APHA,

ROM in Barrel Racing & Poles,

APHA pts in Heading, Heeling, Working Cow Horse, Western Riding, & Reining.

Miss Tags, APHA

Tags Misfit, APHA

Producer of APHA pt earner,

Granddaughter of

Leo Tag, AQHA


Stakes Winner 14X,

ROM Arena,


by Leo, AQHA

AQHA Hall of Fame,

AQHA Hall of Fame Sire.

Ms Pawnee Sierra, APHA      

Ben's Beau Rebel, AQHA

AQHA Grand Champion Halter.

son of Skip Beau, AQHA


by Skipper W, AQHA

AQHA Hall of Fame.


Doodler, APHA
PtHA CHAMPION (367 points) ROM,

APHA ROMs in Halter, Western Pleasure, & Hunter Under Saddle, 18 Year-end Champion Awards including MVPHC Aged Stallion 4 years in a row.

Sire of APHA ROM Trail, APHA pt earners in Halter (2X Grand Champion), Trail, Western Pleasure, & Cutting.

Linebred Skipper W, AQHA

AQHA Hall of Fame.


Reeds Pumpkin, APHA/PtHA

PtHA CHAMPION, APHA ROM Trail, APHA pts in Halter, Barrel Racing, Hunter Under Saddle, & Western Pleasure.

Great Great Granddaughter of

Joe Reed P-3

100% Foundation

AQHA Hall of Fame,

AQHA Hall of Fame Sire.

  Pawnee Maude, APHA    



With so many GREAT horses in his pedigree, no wonder he has such nice babies!!!  



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